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Revision Surgery following Dimple Creation at MACS

Posted on: 29 Apr 2024

This blog aims to provide insight into the process of redo dimple creation surgery so that patients can make an informed choice for making such decision.


Dimple creation surgery, also known as dimpleplasty, has gained popularity as a cosmetic procedure aimed at enhancing facial aesthetics by creating dimples on the cheeks.
Mr. Vadodaria started facial dimple creation surgery in United Kingdom in 2009. Mr. Vadodaria continues providing dimple creation services at his clinic for the last 15 years. He observed following reasons for which patients consider redo dimple creation surgery

  1. Patients want further deepening of the surgically created dimples (common)
  2. Complete disappearance of the surgically created dimples (uncommon)
  3. ⁠Making the surgically created dimples lighter (rare)

Understanding Dimple Creation Surgery:

Dimple creation surgery involves making a small incision on the inside of the cheek and creating an adhesion between the skin and underlying muscle tissue to form a dimple. This procedure is typically performed under local anaesthesia.

Potential Complications and Need for Redo Surgery:

While dimple creation surgery is generally safe, there are instances when the surgically created dimple could be very shallow, very deep or could disappear completely over a period of time. Many a times there could be a degree of asymmetry between dimples on both cheeks. In such instances, the patients opt for advice to consider revision dimple surgery.

Timing for Redo Surgery:

In most cases, it is advisable to wait at least 3 months to one year before considering redo surgery to allow for adequate healing and resolution of any swelling and maturation of the scar.

Frequency of Redo Procedures:

The frequency of redo dimple creation procedures varies among patient based on their expectations and variation in the scar formation/contraction between the deeper layer of the skin (dermis) and the underlying muscle. While some patients may achieve satisfactory results with a single procedure, others may require one or more revision surgeries to achieve the desired outcome.

Importance of realistic expectations:

It is essential for the patients to understand and accept that there is always a possibility of overcorrection (too deep dimple), undercorrection (shallow dimple), asymmetry, disappearance of the dimples and persistence of dimples without facial animation following redo dimple surgery. Dimple surgery should be done by qualified plastic surgeons with special interest in this field.

Before and After Photos

Patient 1 - Satisfactory dimple creation in 1st attempt performed under local anaesthetics by Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria
Patient 2 - Redo dimples (Dimple had faded after first attempt) performed under local anaesthetics by Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria
Patient 2 - Redo dimples (Dimple had faded after first attempt) performed under local anaesthetics by Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria