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Aftercare following Labiaplasty at MACS Clinic

Posted on: 10 Jun 2024

Undergoing labiaplasty is a significant step, and proper aftercare is crucial to ensure an uneventful recovery. Here are detailed instructions to help you through the healing process.

Before You Leave the Hospital

Our consultant plastic surgeon, Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria will provide you with a prescription for antibiotic to prevent infection and analgesics to manage any discomfort. Additionally, we will schedule your follow-ups, including a crucial one-week post-operative visit, to monitor your recovery. Our dedicated team will ensure that you are ready to go home before your discharge process from our clinic.

It’s advisable for you to bring a friend or a family member to be with you when you are discharged from our clinic. You may wish to use a public transport or be driven in a car at your home.


Rest and Recovery

Have plenty of rest: Rest is essential for healing. Avoid any strenuous activities and allow your body to recuperate.

Initial Appearance (photograph)

The labia minora will look very different right after surgery compared to what they will look like in a few weeks. Swelling and bruising are normal and will subside over time.


A daily shower is important for maintaining your cleanliness.

After using the toilet, cleanse the area gently with water and apply an anti-microbial liquid spray (Clinisept) or antibiotic ointment (Bacitracin or Neosporin) as directed by your consultant.

Ice Packs

Using an ice pack after a labiaplasty procedure can significantly reduce swelling and discomfort. Apply the ice pack gently for 20-minute at a regular interval, ensuring a protective cloth is used to avoid direct skin contact. Regular use during the initial 48 hours post-surgery can help minimize swelling and discomfort.

Physical Care

Avoid Rubbing with Harsh Chemicals: Do not rub the wound or use harsh chemicals around the stitched area. This can cause irritation and delay healing.

Physical Mobility: Follow the advice from the consultant regarding physical mobility. Increase your activity level gradually as recommended by the consultant.

Sexual Activity

No Sexual Intercourse: Refrain from sexual intercourse for six weeks. Sexual activity should only be resumed after your consultant’s approval.

When Ready: When it is time to resume sexual activity, use a good lubricant and start gently. Begin with a known partner and plan the encounter to ensure comfort and safety and in a relaxed environment

Scar Therapy

Moisturising Creams: Use moisturising creams, including intravaginal creams such as YES® VM Water Based Vaginal Moisturiser, as part of your scar therapy regimen.

Desensitisation Exercises: Perform desensitisation exercises, which include massaging the scar. Use two fingers to gently massage the scar from the posterior commissure to the anterior commissure against the pelvic bone. This can help soften the scar and reduce the sensitivity of the operated area.

Your well-being is our priority. Should you have any questions or concerns during your recovery, you must seek medical advice on an urgent basis from:

1. Accident and emergency Department- NHS Hospital
2. GP surgery
3. MACS Clinic Team including our consultant plastic surgeon