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Some considerations for a prospective patient for correction of prominent ears (otoplasty, pinnaplasty) from Consultant Plastic surgeon’s point of view

Posted on: 21 Dec 2023

Correction of prominent ears can be considered non essential cosmetic procedure for the purpose of changing the aesthetics appearance of the external ear.

We at MACS Clinic receive many enquiries for more than 15 years. Our patients want this procedure because it affects their self esteem. We have see many patients covering their prominent ears with hairband, changed hair style, hat or woollen cap. Many patients are uncomfortable with tying hair up. Hence it compromises sports activity like swimming and beach holidays. Some female air hostess got the prominent ear correction done because they were very self-conscious during their ‘air travel safety demonstration’ ! Matured men realised when they lose hair because of male pattern baldness.

Prominent ears can be corrected by more than one established techniques, sometimes the surgeon may prefer to modify a technique or use combination of techniques.

1. In the anterior scoring technique, the spring of the ear cartilage is modified by multiple cuts (incisions) in the front of the ear cartilage.

2. The shape of the ear cartilage can be sculptured by multiple sutures (suture technique) on the back of the ear cartilage and if required between back of the ear cartilage and tough fibroses tissue on the side of the head ( mastoid fascia)

3. Some surgeons prefer to reduce the size of the ear cartilage by removal (conchal cartilage excision) of the part of the ear cartilage.

Although Mr Vadodaria is conformable using all above techniques, he prefers using suture technique as he has found this technique safe, simple and reproducible with minimal complications and also ease of revision if required.

For further information, you may view our patient’s testimonials as well as before and after photographs in the following YouTube link:

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