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Posted On June 24, 2019 macsclinic

What are the possible complications of surgery?

  • Infection: any operation can be followed by infection which can be treated with antibiotics.
  • Scar: you will have a scar that will be somewhat firm to touch and tender for six to eight weeks.
  • Stiffness: can occur if the hand is not used and exercised after the operation. This is usually very temporary and can be treated with exercise given by the hand therapist.
  • Nerve damage: can occur during your surgery which results in either a painful spot in the scar or some loss of feeling in the hand. This complication is very rare but may require a further operation to correct.
  • Blood vessel injury: damage to the blood vessel can occur during surgery as the blood vessel lies close to the thickened ligament. Damage to the vessel is very rare and can be immediately repaired.
  • Pain: ongoing discomfort is rare, but possible, following any surgery in the hand.
  • Loss of function: you will have a temporary loss of function and things will be a little more difficult to do following surgery while the dressings are in place. In rare cases, there may be a permanent loss of function.
Posted On June 24, 2019 macsclinic

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