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Our observations of ‘Why men are (increasingly) seeking surgical correction of gynaecomastia ( male breast , moobs)

Posted on: 18 Dec 2023

Correction of Primary Gynaecomastia (‘male breasts’) is a non-essential surgery for changing the aesthetic appearance of chest wall.

Men become self-conscious when their chest wall looks like ‘female breasts’ especially during beach holidays and swimming. Men reported to us that they find themselves uncomfortable using common changing rooms or even taking off their shirts/ T-shirts in public places .

Men confided during their consultation with us that they would cover their chest wall during sexual intercourse or only get involved after ‘switching off lights’. Gynaecomastia affects their self-confidence compromising their relationship, their performance in certain professions- modelling , acting and bodybuilding competitions.

They informed us that they cover the gynecomastia either by using internal tight vest or male chest binders , multiple layers of clothing and by wearing dark thick lose coats. They do not like the nipples sticking though their tight T-shirts. They call this condition as ‘puffy nipple’.

We believe that usage of Instagram and Facebook (with huge exposure of body) created significant influence of being critical about their own body-images amongst men of all age group .

We also believe that use of Testosterone, Steroids and Growth Hormones for body building without medical advice and without appropriate monitoring is one of the additional factors of secondary drug induced gynaecomastia. These group of patients are very upset with themselves as these gynaecomastia are painful and tender on touch .

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