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Nipple Reduction

Posted on: 18 Dec 2023

Men have become increasingly self-conscious about the appearance of their chest wall. The appearance of the chest depends upon

1. the size of the chest muscles,

2. the size and the projection of the nipples

3. the tone/quality / laxity of the skin,

4. the volume of the fat

5. presence or absence of the breast tissue – glandular tissue.

The reason of the dissatisfaction expressed by men are be because of isolated

1. disproportionate projection of the nipple,

2. large, volume of the glandular tissue,

3. excessive amount of deposit of fat as a part of generalised obesity.

4. lose redundant skin which may or may not be related to massive weight loss.

We have observed men coming to our clinic requesting Nipple Reduction because

1. they are self conscious about abnormal projection of the nipple through light tight T-shirt.

2. They have also complained that they are not able to use swimming pool or enjoy beach holidays whilst they need to take their T-shirt off.

3. It also affects their self-confidence in regards to the their relationship as well as intimate life.

4. They reported to us that they would disguise the situation, by using dark thick lose closings to covers their upper body.

5. we treated an elderly man requesting for Nipple Reduction because he was not comfortable taking his grandchildren for swimming and beach holidays as he thought that the grandchildren will notice abnormal projection and size of his nipples.

Nipple Reduction surgery is becoming increasingly common .

Sometimes, men would request Nipple Reduction surgery instead of correction for underlying Gynaecomastia.

We conduct a detailed physical examination and enquire with our patients about the reasons for requesting surgery . It is very important to understand the various factors which contribute their dissatisfaction of the appearance of chest wall before discussing various options .

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