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Guidance for getting Correction of Prominent ears (Otoplasty) by Mr. Vadodaria at MACS Clinic

Posted on: 2 Feb 2024

How can I enquire at MACS Clinic for correction of prominent ears (Otoplasty)?

Email –

Tel – 020 7078 4378

Whatsapp – 07792 648726

Filling contact form on our website –

What will happen after I enquire for the correction of prominent ears (Otoplasty) at MACS Clinic?

Team at MACS Clinic will send you a comprehensive information pack on correction of prominent ears (Otoplasty) procedure along with Youtube link to allow to view before and after photo gallery and the video of Mr. Vadodaria’s method of correction of prominent ears (Otoplasty) in order to allow you to develop a better insight into this procedure.

MACS Clinic team will contact you to organise a free/complimentary video consultation directly with senior consultant plastic surgeon Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria, who will be performing the procedure.

What will happen after my video/face to face consultation with Mr. Vadodaria?

After the consultation(s), procedure fees will be sent to you. MACS Clinic team endeavours to send a customary letter to your General Practitioner, requesting your medical records. This is a good medical practice. The patient can then make an informed decision about the procedure.

What causes Prominent ears?

The external ear consist of envelope of skin and a choncal cartilage. The shape of the ear depends mainly because of shape of the underlying cartilage.

Anatomy of a Normal ear

Prominent Ear comprises of:

  1. Poor formation of antihelical fold

2. Wider angle between the ear and the side of the head.

3. Excess Cartilage

Mr. Vadodaria’s preferred technique

Mr. Vadodaria prefers to use suture technique to sculpture the cartilage for formation of anti-helical fold.

Mr. Vadodaria will also discuss with you the alternative techniques of scoring the cartilage, reducing the cartilage and use of ear folds along with their limitations and complications.

Why Mr. Vadodaria receives request from patients for correction of prominent ears (Otoplasty)?

Calling names and receiving taunts during teenage in school because of prominent ears

  • Air hostess cannot tie their hair up on duty
  • Feeling self-conscious during important events like weddings, parties, and professional engagements
  • Simple tasks like tying hair become sources of anxiety
  • Men becomes increasingly self-conscious as ears looks more prominent following hair loss with maturity of age.
  • Becoming self-conscious in the swimming pool

Tricks patients use to hide their prominent ears

Patients cover their prominent with hair, wig, cap, ear strap, head band and many other things in their day-to-day life as they are very self-conscious of showing their ears.

Advantages of Free Video consultation

  • Cost effective
  • Time effective, no travelling
  • Pre-screening procedure – Mr. Vadodaria shares his screen to show the before and after photos.
  • He will use PowerPoint presentation and video clips to assist you to understand the procedure and the post-operative course.

Youtube –

Otoplasty webpage –

What is the cost of Correction of Prominent ears (Otoplasty)?

Correction of Prominent ears (Otoplasty) procedure ranges from £3000 – £4000. Cost varies depending upon the type of anaesthetics and your choice of the hospital. The final cost estimate will be sent to you after your consultation with Mr. Vadodaria.

Where will the operation be conducted?

Mr Vadodaria prefers to perform the Correction of prominent ear (Otoplasty) at the MACS Clinic in Watford. MACS clinic is a CQC registered clinic situated in the heart of Watford City Centre. It is a unique clinic that offers specialised services, which are led by a team of senior Consultants that have worked extensively in the NHS and private healthcare. MACS Clinic is walking distance from the train stations and has car parking facilities. MACS Clinic is a day case facility with local/general anaesthetic and sedation.

Maps and Direction –

MACS Clinic, a day case centre in heart of Watford City Centre

Type of anaesthetics and hospitalisation (Admission)

Mr Vadodaria prefers to perform the operation under Local anaesthetics. The procedure takes approximately 2 hours as a day case procedure. He will discuss the advantages and limitations of sedation and general anaesthetics.

About Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria

Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria is a senior consultant aesthetic plastic surgeon. He is on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council since 2004. Mr. Vadodaria has presented more than 150 papers at national and international plastic surgical congresses. He has innovated new instruments, simulators and plastic surgical techniques, which are published in peer reviewed plastic surgery journals and has organised Masterclass on Otoplasty. He has remained the president of UKAAPS – CAPSCO (Consortium of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic Owners & UK Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) for a period of 3 years. Mr Vadodaria is an active member of ISAPS(International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

For more information about Mr. Vadodaria visit:

Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria, a senior consultant plastic surgeon

What post-operative care needs to be taken?

Following the procedure, prescription is provided for antibiotics, analgesics, and antibiotic ointment. Bandage is applied for 48hours, and you will be advised to use head band at night for 3 months to protect your ears during sleep. Follow-up appointments will be organised with Mr. Vadodaria in 1 weeks’ and in 6 weeks’ time.

What are the risks of the procedure and revision rate at MACS Clinic?

The procedure is safe in general. Having said that, it’s absolutely essential to understand the associated risks, including scarring, infection, undercorrection, overcorrection, asymmetry, recurrence and revision surgery. In case of revision required, the surgeon’s fee is waived but the theatre cost is payable.

Mr. Vadodaria’s revision rate for this procedure at is less than 5%.

To know more about the procedure, visit or give us a call at 020 7078 4378 or 07792 648726 to schedule a consultation with Mr. Vadodaria.

Before and After Photos

Bilateral Prominent ear correction performed by Mr. Vadodaria at MACS Clinic
Bilateral prominent ear correction performed under local anaesthetics as a day case procedure at MACS Clinic