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A patient’s personal story – Is Labia Minora Reduction – Labiaplasty is it an aesthetic or functional operation ?

Posted on: 6 Mar 2024

“For the last 20 years I have always felt extremely self-conscious about my labia minora. In my teenage years I always felt that something was not right i.e. my labia minora was too large, it was bulky, and it was always hanging down. I felt too awkward, embarrassed and even ashamed to discuss this with anyone, not even my own family and close friends. It looked disgusting and I felt sad about it. I have always been unable to wear swimming costumes, tight clothes, certain underwear etc because it is so visible. When I pee, when I am on my period the labia minora gets in the way especially when putting a tampon in. Even when showering it hangs out and I have to clean it. After wearing underwear and when waking up the labia minora was so large that it would get twisted. After some research (during COVID) I discovered that there is a surgery to reduce the size of the labia minora. After even more thorough research I came across MACS clinic after the restrictions were lifted. I initially chose to have a consultation with Mr. Vadodaria due to his glowing reviews. I had a virtual consultation then a face-to-face consultation. During my face-to-face consultation Mr. Vadodaria and his nurses, I felt very much at ease and comfortable with him and his team (aftercall it is a very private and sensitive area). I found Mr. Vadodaria to be very knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy and professional. Him and his team took their time in doing my assessment, covered all angles and were very patient with me. As well as addressing all of my questions during the consultation they even responded very quickly to my follow up questions which popped to my mind after the consultation. Mr. Vadodaria even discovered that my clitoral hood needs to be trimmed which he clearly explained during my consultation. After I left the consultation, his team very were efficient and organized in sending me a quote. The quote was very reasonable given the complexity of my labia. Most importantly I felt safe in the hands of Mr. Vadodaria and his team because this is a surgery in a very sensitive area and I knew that if I have any concerns and need any assistance, him and his team are very accessible i.e. you do not have to worry at all about waiting for a reply. During the surgery, the nurses were so comforting, caring and supportive. They put my mind at so much ease because I was terrified of the surgery. They were speaking to me, distracting me and holding my hand. My surgery was complex and took 1.5 hours and I am still till this day amazed at what a brilliant job Mr. Vadodaria did. He was extremely focused, kept monitoring if I was ok and never once looked at the clock. Straight after the surgery I was numb and tired, and the nurses took such great care of me. The receptionist and nurses changed me, fed me and checked in on me. I knew I was in the best possible hands and felt very much comforted by them which is something you need after a sensitive surgery. I was extremely touched that Mr. Vadodaria himself called me the next day to check in on me and his team called me the following day to ensure all is ok. This is a painful surgery for the first two weeks, and I managed to get through it by following Mr. Vadodaria’s instructions, taking pain killers and most importantly resting. One week later I had my routine, face to face review with Mr. Vadodaria and he (as always) thoroughly checked if everything was ok. Whilst this surgery was painful it was most definitely worth it because I am now able to sit properly, sleep well, pee better, shower properly and wear whatever underwear, trousers, shorts etc I wish to without any discomfort and pain. I also feel a lot cleaner too during my period and when using the toilet in general. My confidence has certainly increased, and others have noticed that I am smiling more. My labia, clitoral hood and the entire area looks cleaner, tidier, and smoother. I wish I had done this surgery sooner. There is nobody better in the world who could have done this surgery for me, and I don’t trust anyone else other than Mr. Vadodaria. He is by far the best surgeon/doctor I have ever come across. He is an outstanding example of a surgeon who is so good at his job, professional, caring, empathetic, trusting, honest etc. He has changed my life for the better with this surgery. I can sit down better, shower normally, sleep better, sit on a bike (which I couldn’t do before!). I recommend Mr. Vadodaria and his team so highly to anyone who is thinking of having this surgery because there is no better team than them. You will be taken care of from start to finish. I will forever be grateful to him and his team and cannot thank them enough. I will always continue to sing their praises, thank you so much!”

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